Article discussing some of the info forensics can discover about your computer usage

Ball In Your Court: Locard’s Principle

 With all this e-mail discovery, etc., I wonder if people will develop computers which will automatically delete all traces of computer activity–i.e. if you delete a file, the program will delete all traces from your computer.  Seems like there would be a market for this.  Or e-mail systems that delete all traces of the e-mail.  If you set up such a system, people would use it. 

Might it be unethical–even or especially from an archival/historical perspective?  Or would it just be ethically protecting privacy of communications?  If we reach a great increase in software interoperability in the future, I could see systems designed where say a program could track all traces of an e-mail, and only use channels where the program could ensure that it would be able to erase all traces of activity.  Like VPNs and encrypiton etc, I think that will happen in the future maybe?


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