Global economy and logistical hang-ups

What I’m intersted in with economics (on top of law) is getting a big-picture view of things, like those pictures in Richard Scarry books which try to show kids how cities, etc, work.  Hence I find articles like this one about logistical infrastructure interesting. 

Tangentially, there’s an interesting Philip K. Dick book (I’ll have to look to see which one) the plot of which is built on the premise that individuals are given access to upper castes in society immediately?  upon discovery of an important societal “secret”–that’s all that’s needed to put you in the upper classes, some important information that is a secret to most. 

Which leads to the topic of the strategic importance of information, copyright, trade secrets, the value of scarcity–which is interesting because there is the economic importance of scarcity of certain kinds of information, and then you have librarians who try to advocate freedom of information. 

Is there a balance in which creators of information are rewarded and yet the information can be used by whomever would find it most socially useful?  Or is restricted access the ony possibility, and thus anything progress must be done on the Trickle-down side?  (such as using Web 2.0 or other technologies to increase the effectiveness of fundraising, and matching capital to projects and people most efficiently and effectively? )  The strategic uses of information and the value of enforced information scarcity remind me a bit of the “48 Power Laws” also which is essential reading especially to the more guile-less in society.

48 Laws of Power:

Article on Logistical Infrastructure:


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