Selected economic indicators gathered by WSJ

Some selected economic indicators gathered by the WSJ from mostly gov’t sources, the BLS as mentioned in the first trickledown post:

 I’d like to have a site where such indicators were easily graphed out in different permutations.   I bet expensive Bloomberg terminals (see this explanation too, somewhat outdated) and other corporate propreitary programs and systems might do that stuff, see, if you can afford it you can have access to crazy analytic tools, but the average joe doesn’t have access to such informational tools.  Hopefully someday soon with more and more Web 2.0 tools?  I mean, Wikipedia is a good start for just pure info on some levels…Google probably will have the most tremendous sort of proprietary in-house Bloomberg-type terminals, due to the amazing wealth of information they have access to based on people’s searches, e-mails, documents, corporate info, etc.  It would truly be like an oracle or crystal ball I image to a certain extent–I’ve heard people say google will be able to/can do crazy forecasting on what is/will be hot in terms of products, musicians, stocks, etc, based on all the info it gathers…

See for a pretty neat graphing program, for example.  Free versions of SPSS and versions of Bloomberg terminals etc in the future?  There’s already a free version of Matlab out there if you’re a math person. 


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