“Electromagnetic dominance” in conflict

Is the elecromagnetic dominance the new equivalent of or companion to air superiority? This sounds like Neuromancer–will there be paratroopers with laptops !!! Chinese console cowboys? Was the Japanese Pokemon seizure episode really military testing? Are/were giant gundam/anime/giant robots really part of military prototyping? As in the original Dark Knight series, if there are certain types of nuclear bombs detonated, will that really mess up the Earth’s electromagnetics in a away that we won’t be able to use electronic devices anymore? Will vinyl LP records then be worth their weight in gold because you could listen to them manually with a needle and styrofoam cup or other horn-like amplication, you could actually physically extract the sound, and CDs and MP3s will be worthless? SHOULD WE BE PRESERVING ALL MUSIC ON VINYL, as MP3 and CD-only releases WILL MEAN A NEW DARK AGES IN MUSIC, WHEN GENERATIONS OF MUSIC WILL BE LOST TO THE WORLD FOREVER??? Archeologist of the future might be able to listen to LPs but not CDs and MP3s!!!

China Taking on U.S. in Cyber Arms Race



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