Thoughts on the nature of online advertising

I’ve been thinking a lot about online advertising–I used to think “why would anyone click on online ads,” but have since realized many reasons why including:

1) search results often are stale, don’t lead to sites with good info/good deals, ads can pack in enticing info in a few words that can seem more useful than the actual search results.  also, static content on pages can also seem out of date/boring/stale, and ads may providing info which seems more relevant–a reason for a viewer to click the ad

2) for certain types of searches, such as products, software, etc, people can do lots of research online, which can include searching many vendors/sources etc–which can lead to clicking on ads to try to get a full picture3) static content on sites can seem stale, In a sense, ads can complement or even compete with traditional search results or page content. This may be a big duh to some but sometimes it’s not so obvious to others.

4) The often short, terse language under ads can seem “punchier” and more relevant in general–people are often curious, bored.

More later

Here are some interesting comments also on online advertising:


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