How to Manage the Downsides of Globalization

OECD Warns Trade May Be Hurting Jobs, Wages

“That finding may not sound like news to critics of free trade or worried workers in the U.S. and Europe. But it’s notable coming from a bastion of economic orthodoxy, which champions open, competitive markets.”

Also, slavery and indentured servitude etc is still a huge problem, even in places like China

calls for outsourcing everywhere, just to stay competitive with everyone else who is outsourcing…


“The Case for Taxing Globalization’s Big Winners”

“A new argument is emerging among the pro-globalization crowd in the U.S., the folks who see continued globalization and trade as vital to the country’s prosperity: Tax the rich more heavily to thwart an economically crippling political backlash against trade prompted by workers who see themselves — with some justification — as losers from globalization.”

“…using the tax code to slice the apple more evenly is far more palatable than trying to hold back globalization with policies that risk shrinking the economic apple.”


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