I should get into New Country

new country

(a little off-topic here – sorry, Mr. Trickle-Down)

Jaded music industry veteran Bob Lefsetz writes an always-entertaining daily rant on his Lefsetz Letter blog.  For some reason, he’s been talking about a lot about New Country lately.  After reading his hilarious description of a Keith Urban concert in LA, I almost want to check some of this stuff out.  He estimates a 10-1 female/male ratio at the show…an amazing stat for a metalhead like me.


3 Responses

  1. You should attend one of his shows. Mr Lefsetz captured it perfectly. I found nothing hilarious about his article. It ‘s something you have to experience to really understand.

  2. Sometimes Lefsetz amazes me. Him riding side saddle with modern country music goes to show just how bad the music industry has become. When Bob becomes THIS desperate for something to be excited about, we should all know the end is near. Country music is just as bad at manufacturing acts as the mainstream. Seriously…Keith Urban? George Strait? MIRANDA LAMBERT!?!?! I hate to break it to Bob but, no matter how badly he wants it to happen, it will never ever be 1975 again.

  3. Oh I totally agree with you, Jill. Keith’s concerts are truly one of a kind. He is totally one of the greatest performers of our generation, if not the greatest. I totally COULD count the orgasms that night, and there were too many to speak of. I think every woman (including myself) had a few that night 🙂

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