Ben’s Band of the Week #1: O’Death


Well, I’m going to ignore the official themes of this blog and start writing about music.  Mr. Trickle-Down’s tastes are just as eclectic as mine, so I’m sure we’ll hear from him as well.

 Thanks to this fantastic writeup in the Village Voice, I’ve been listening to O’Death nonstop for the last week.  It’s dark, dirty, evil country/hoedown music.  A little Tom Waits-ish too, but that’s a good thing.

When I get back to the US, I’ll order a real copy of their CD…but in China, your best bet for new music is here. 

O’ Death – “Down to Rest”

O’Death –  “All the World”


2 Responses

  1. Ha! I knew it would start sometime, the music topic… 😉

  2. […] have a song called O Death, which is probably the inspiration for one of the new country Ben likes, O Death. Key Lime Pie could be my favorite album in the world (besides Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger […]

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