Music downloads of the day

Zbigniew Karkowski

For those of you who feel guilty about acquiring new music through dubious channels, there are plenty of very interesting & legal free downloads available these days.  From big names even!

 1-  Since they apparently admire The Dead and and have an ‘open source taping policy’, there are now 20+ Smashing Pumpkins live shows from 1992-2007 available for free download on the Internet Live Music Archive.  The sound quality of the shows I’ve listened to is soso to decent, but definitely raw and energetic.  Despite being a huge MTV band, The Pumpkins put out some amazing, doomy, sludgy rock.

2- The Internet Music Archive is a fantastic resource.  Most of the artists are jam bands, but that’s not always a bad thing.  Check out my favorites:  The Mermen and Acid Mothers Temple.

3-  If you scoff at such commercial crap, get this great hi-fidelity ambient noise album:  Zbigniew Karkowski – Uexkull


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