DJ Premier/Termanology: So Amazin’

Okay, you may or may not be a hip hop fan–but regardless, DJ Premier’s sampling work has laid the foundation of much modern pop music, such as, for example, the sampling work on Daft Punk’s “Discovery” album. (There’s plenty of sample-based music I’m not a huge fan of–I’m not impartial when it comes to sampling.  Beck?  Girl Talk?  Hmm…)

Sampling as an art form doesn’t get much better than this: a nice Joni Mitchell-ish prog-fusion intro (sounds like something off of Hissing of Summer Lawns), and a real nice aggressive/laid back set of samples for the rest of the song: great piano, a chimey and electronic-sounding/atmospheric Rhodes stab, a nicely ambient “hey” vocal sample, and a nice “funky worm” -ish analog synth fade-in…sampling perfection!

Termanology-So Amazin (produced by DJ Premier) courtesy of Spine Magazine

BTW: The next Prince album is the best thing since 1999/Purple Rain…


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