Fun Facts with the US Census Bureau: North Dakota is Shrinking!


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Fun statistics:

North Dakota: -1.0% population change from April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2006! North Dakota’s population is shrinking! Louisiana’s population also decreased with a -4.0 % change, but they had Katrina…what’s up with North Dakota? Compare to, say, positive population changes of 24.9% in Nevada, 20.2% in Arizona, 14.4% in Georgia, 14.2% in Utah, 13.3% in Idaho, 13.2% in Florida, and 12.7% in Texas…I’m going to hunt around later to find a chart with all states’ population change #s to compare…

I can’t wait until someone tricks out all this information with a new and supercharged version of something like and AJAX and Google maps and makes it all very, very easy and intuitive to find and plot such information…

****Coincidentally, just found this via Digg:

U.S. government web sites you didn’t know you could use

Here more gateways to interesting free statistics:


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