The Return of Space: Sunshine (Danny Boyle) and Electroma (Daft Punk) Bring Back Kubrick-Style (2001) Sci-Fi


Directed by Danny Boyle, responsible for Trainspotting and 28 Days Later, Sunshine is well-worth the price of admission: sci-fi lives again! There are some digital effects, but along with Daft Punk’s Electroma, both of these films have this beautiful look like in Kubrick’s 2001 and the first two Star Wars movies, when people filmed sci-fi using models and paintings and not that too-oftehn non-material computer graphics feel. I mean, compare Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back with the newer CG films…compare 2001 and Sunshine to Transformers, the look and feel of models and paintings is so much more compelling to me, more gritty and resonant, than CG. Sunshine reminds me of a mix of 2001, the classic Aliens movie, and a lot of other really good stuff with new ideas, great cinematography and effects, and stellar casting and performances. The plot is good too. Highly, highly recommended!


On Sunshine’s effects:

Inside the ship it feels extremely real, partially because the interior of the ship was completely constructed on a set.

The outside of the ship was mostly or all CG, as well as the shots of the sun–I wonder if any of the outside ship or equipment were shot with models? Overall, the CG featured was very impressive…

Also see:

Handmade visual effects warm Boyle’s “Sunshine”


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