Monkeys with Typewriters? The Best Bathroom Wall? Or, What That Guy on the Subway is Really Thinking


Often not work-safe, sometimes beautiful and poetic: the Best of Craigslist. People are truly moving into a new era of interhuman expression. This would be kind of neat if comments were allowed for on-site interaction: Craigslist could become an even more engrossing social-networking type site than it currently is. Although, perhaps the lack of on-site interaction allows for a different kind of communication that would be lost that is not found on the interaction-enabled sites like Myspace and Facebook, where people may feel that have to be more careful what they’re writing since they’re not as anonymous as on Craigslist, and where it’s much easier for people to respond to any postings.

Here’s a funny post about librarians: “Your Librarian Hates You” That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but an interesting post to display the sort of unsolicited, day-to-day, yet compelling observations people have felt fit to post on Craigslist, for some reason or other.

BTW, looking up “interhuman” to determine its usage, I found this

Ludwig von Mises, “Economics as a Bridge for Interhuman Understanding“; looks interesting.

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