My Next Computer May Be a Mac


I spent futile hours today trying to set up a home network of two PCs through a router, and received endless “you might not have permission to use this network resource” messages. I hear setting up such a network on Macs is effortless. I cannot believe how many people seem to be facing a similar problems setting up home networks on PCs, judging from posts I read when I googled the problem–and there are seemingly no less than 1,000 different solutions to the problem (none of which seem very easy or conclusive or which worked when I tried them). I mean, how hard can this be? Why aren’t there one or two definitive Microsoft posts explaining how to fix the problem–and without me going 10 windows and tabs deep and checking endless little checkboxes or mucking around with registry stuff.

Computer names? Check. Workgroup names? Check. Folder sharing, drive-mapping? Check. Now let me share my files already!!! I hear with Macs you basically just hook up the computers and check like one checkbox or someting and voila, instant home network. I think you may have lost a another customer, Microsoft–I’ve had enough of your bungling OS crappiness–including so many drivers and programs not working with Vista on that other computer I use–if Macs are even a smidgen better, and I can still run Windows programs on Macs if/when I need to, bye bye.

I mean, there are so many little things you could have done also in all of your programs to make them better, that other people are now doing and making them available for use online–WTF??? I’ve never quite understood Microsoft bashing or anything, but at this point, I am ready for anything even marginally better–enough is enough!


Okay, finally got the network up and running. First, I had to add the network in the “trusted” zones in the firewall tab in Zone Alarm. But the IP addresses that kept showing up as being blocked by Zone Alarm, when added to the trusted zones didn’t do the job–those IP addresses were just the router IP address, and I had to use one of those online “this is your IP address” websites to find the “real” IP address to add to the trusted zones. But then I could still only access one computer from the other but not vice versa. It turns out when I right clicked on the folder I wanted to share on one of the computers and clicked “Sharing…” and selected the checkboxes to share it over the network, the “setting permissions” process had been interrupted.  I had to redo that process–it took Windows maybe 15 minutes for to successfully set the permissions! Anyway, Microsoft (and Zone Alarm), I didn’t find this info anywhere on your websites–I had to hunt around a bunch of other websites to find it and piece it all together. Like I said, if Macs can save me a few hours here and there by making this sort of thing easier, when I just want to share files between two computers–if Macs can make productivity more efficient, then more power to them. I do feel so much more late 20th century, having finally set up a home network (mostly to facilitate easier backups, so I don’t have to move my external HD between two computers)…


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