Lil Wayne-Outstanding (Produced by Dr Dre)

Notable for being the best Dr. Dre beat since 50 Cent’s In Da Club and the Mobb Deep Outta Control Remix. One of the best beats I’ve heard in a long time. Features a sleepy drum beat, interesting introspective piano and bassline, and then this real 80s keyboard sound–it all comes together almost like a Kajagoogoo song, Durutti Column, or something along the lines of Three Imaginary Boys/Seventeen Seconds-era Cure. A pretty great sound. Lil Wayne also is pretty great on this track, with lines like this how could this not be awesome: “When I come through you’d better duck like Howard.” What mad genius would reference HOWARD THE DUCK!!!  And “I’m all about the bread like a sesame seed…”

Lil Wayne-Outstanding (Produced by Dr. Dre) courtesy of Spine Magazine


2 Responses

  1. It will be fun to have that Lil Wayne music as your ringtone, for a change..

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