Best Album Ever: Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy?


Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy.

Brian Eno is arguably one of the most important modern musicians ever: the song “Third Uncle” spawned all of Joy Division’s output and was covered by Bauhaus, lyrics were responsible for band name “A Certain Ratio,” he was also in Roxy Music, produced and played with David Bowie, coaxed great solos out of Robert Fripp, produced No New York, Devo, sang with occasionally and produced Talking Heads, U2. On Taking Tiger Mountain you can even here bits of that constant-tremelo bar guitar playing that My Bloody Valentine ran with later in their career. Also see Durutti Column and Flying Lizards…Taking Tiger Mountain by strategy has bits of rock, folk, Krautrock, electronic music, samba, but it’s all tuneful, melodic, well-thought out, played, and amazingly engineered. Best album ever?

Also see Here Come the Warm Jets, Another Green World, Before and After Science…

And yet Joni Mitchell’s Hejira may actually be up there with Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy for me…or I might prefer it.  Hejira is just tremendously played, written, recorded, and is so unique.  Beautiful and Spooky.  Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark and Hissing of Summer Lawns are also fantastic, if less unique than Hejira…

Of course there’s always Thriller and the Arthur Verocai albums.  Or Camper Van Beethoven’s Key Lime Pie, or the Beatle’s White Album…or my new favorite, the amazing Secondhand Daylight by Magazine.  Then there’s King Crimson’s Red, which is fantastic too, and way ahead of it’s time…so many indie rock, new wave, postpunk, prog metal, math rock, and technical metal bands sound just like parts of the Red album…




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  1. […] could be the best album ever made (well, one of them). I know earlier I said it might be Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy, and that could still be true–but I hadn’t listened to this in quite awhile. The […]

  2. “Best album ever” tends to mean “a really great album that I am listening to right now.” For that 45 minutes or whatever, it is indubitably the greatest album ever made. “Taking Tiger Mountain” is a good choice, though. Stellar album, and never gets old.

    Have you seen the Chinese Tiger Mountain postcards?

  3. […] Bird, and Daft Punk.  I hear some Magma in there too, believe it or not!  Sort of like some good Brian Eno in scope and experimentation within the pop […]

  4. Uh-Oh. Nothing there this time!

  5. a good album, tiger is, but much less effective than warm jets, which is far superior.

  6. I concur. Taking Tiger Mountain is the best album ever, and Red is certainly in the top 6. My vote for 2nd place is Butthole Surfer’s “Locust Abortion Technician”. The most perfect assemblage of DIY experimental rock ever. (For the record, my bandmate would add Devo’s “Are We Not Men; We Are Devo”)

  7. Both Here Come the Warm Jets and Another Green World (in my top 5) are better. Hejira and Red are worthy contenders.

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