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mp3: A kirtan on Sada Punjab/ Sikh TV (Can you tell me who the performers are?)

Today on a local public access show I got a chance to see a show called Sada Punjab–it was a totally great set of Indian music (I assume it was Indian, although Punjab culture is also shared by Pakistanis?) with dancing and videos. You may have seen this type of Bollywood-style video before–big groups of people dancing and singing, with neat percussion, violin-sounding string instruments, and that neat string instrument you may have heard in that Panjabi MC “Beware of the Boys (Knight Rider theme) song featuring Jay-Z a few years back. I know virtually nothing about Punjab
culture but this excellent music has me definitely intrigued.

Then the program switched to Sikh TV Chicago featuring a long, beautiful performance by three men, one on some sort of hand-drums and two others on these little organs–and singing songs with the most beautiful harmonies together. The chorus to one of the songs was “Pootan Mata Ki Aasees” which was translated as “O son, this is your mother’s blessing to you.” I’d like to track down the performers’ identities as the performance was awesome. The drums, those little organs, the signing, everything was great. Not to culturally mix and match but some of the harmonies reminded me of some Magic Hour/Major Stars, Brian Eno, what the Beatles sometimes tried to do and also some modern-retro indie folk rocksters. I really would like to hear some more music like this. Then another video was also great and had some lyrics reading “Miley Naam Har Nimka,” with no English translation. Both shows were produced by Indermohan Singh. I’d like to see/hear more and learn more about the culture and the music. What are the different types of stringed instruments, some of which sound like violins and some which sound sort of like Japanese shamisens? What are those little organs that sound so good?

Here’s a link to a punjab web radio feed from the Sada Punjab website:


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  1. Hi….U wondered about the music. This tv program is singing from my religion. the songs they r singing r called ‘kirtans.’ the organs r called harmoniums, the drums are tablas. they are singing religious, devtional tunes. if you wish to know more about sikhism, here are a few websites or you may contact me about it. i will be glad to discuss it with you so you learn more about sikhism and punjab.

    please be aware that there also fakes who try to be sikh but r very bad –

    hope this helps you a bit.

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