Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Inner Mounting Flame


Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame

This could be the best album ever made (well, one of them). I know earlier I said it might be Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy, and that could still be true–but I hadn’t listened to this in quite awhile. The instrumentation and composition are tremendous. If you are a fan of any kind of music, classical, indie, prog rock, heavy metal, classic rock, jazz, krautrock, post rock, psych rock, electronic, synth rock, hip hop, there is something in this album for you. Much of modern day indie prog and prog metal, from Voivod to Don Caballero to Drive Like Jehu to the Fucking Champs to all of those technical metal and “emo” bands to older school metal like Metallica probably took a few moves from John McLaughlin’s book. He also played with Miles Davis and Tony Williams. For their first two albums the Mahavishnu Orchestra, starring John McLaughlin, along with Jan Hammer of Chariots of Fire and Miami Vice fame, the legendary Billy Cobham, and Rick Laird, were unparalleled.



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