Hyperactivity and Food Additives: Let’s Have Some Natural Food Finally!


Um, basically natural food enthusiasts have been talking about potential dangers of food additives for years. Now studies are finding that indeed, food additives seem to cause hyperactivity (who knows what else). I hope this leads to more market share for Whole Foods and Trader Joes and leads to wider adoption of natural foods. Maybe we can cut out the additives and prevent the need for kids to engorge themselves on ritalin and prozac and numerous other drugs that have harmful side effects and possibly have unknown effects on kids’ neurological development. I mean, these drugs in kids are already linked to higher suicide rates. (See NIMH: Antidepressant Medications for Children and Adolescents: Information for Parents and Caregiver and NY Times: Panel to Debate Antidepressant Warnings) Let’s cut the nuclear power too! Our bodies are our temples, and our planet is our large, shared temple–why pollute them with crazy additives and nuclear power that have negative effects on our minds and physical health?

Hyper Kids? Cut Out Preservatives

Some Food Additives Raise Hyperactivity, Study Finds

WARNING: DO NOT feed babies and little kids a vegan diet though, this is insufficient and can lead to serious malnutrition and death!!! (See NY Times: Death by Veganism)

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  1. That was not “death by veganism”. That was death either by gross negligence, or _murder_. It is possible to provide a nutritionally adequate vegan diet for infants.

    Here is a letter written by a nutritionist who testified for the prosecution explaining why Planck’s article is absurd.

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