Oust the Smell of Life–Home Air Fresheners as the Agent Orange in the Chemical Industries’ War on Family Households and Human Life


New Oust TV ad: a woman cooking onions in a frying pan…complaining about the smell of cooking!!! And talking about the benefits of covering up cooking smells with chemical-laden Oust! She said something like, “The last thing I want is for someone to come over to my house and the first thing they smell is the smell of cooking.” Someone on Madison Street needs a good talking to…what is this world coming to? “Are you alive? We can solve that problem for you. Do you keep inhaling that nasty stuff called “air?” We have a pill to solve that problem for you…” This kind of life-hating chemical scent crap, Febreeze, Glade plug ins, all of that, has to end. It probably contributes to the rising rates of autism and breast cancer, I wouldn’t be surprised.

See also:

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I mean, in many other cultures, the smell of cooking food in one’s household is seen as a good, cozy, homey thing–like, ah, someone’s cooking something nice. It should conjure good images of health and family. Madison avenue basically is declaring a war on human-ness, culture, and family bonds here. Oust and these other home fragrance products like Glade etc. are basically the Agent Orange in the chemical industries’ war on the American household and human life.


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