French Subterranean Art Terrorists?


Underground ‘terrorists’ with a mission to save city’s neglected heritage

The UX: Kind of sounds fun, kind of sounds irresponsible, dangerous, and, maybe could be giving bad ideas to the wrong people. French artists who explore underground catacombs under Paris, sneak into museums, deactivating alarms, etc. They’ve broken into the Pantheon (the French Pantheon), have some pretty funny story about surreptitiously evading guards, setting up a workshop in fake boxes, and fixing some old clock, to the surprise and horror of the French authorities, etc.  We definitely wouldn’t want real terrorists learning from their discoveries. Reminds me of the Inside Man by Spike Lee mixed with the Goonies and Dark Days.

Is it just me or are the UX members in the photo above dressed up like in an out-take of the cover photo for Killing Joke’s great Night Time album?


Also see this article on the “Swiss Fireman Rap


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