Arthur Verocai Does It Again, Lalo Schifrin, and 33/45 Blog


Again in 2007, with his album Encore, gotta love it: this song is awesome.  His 70’s album is one of my top 5 records ever.

Arthur Verocai – “Bis” (mp3 courtesy of 33/45)

Here’s some awesome jazz/soul/fusion:

Lalo Schifrin – “Rings Around the Moon” (mp3 courtesy of 33/45)

33/45 is definitely one of the best music blogs out there!


2 Responses

  1. […] Blaze, the only logical response is for you to hook up with Arthur Verocai, who is putting out a new album, and make a new wave of awesome live-musician based hip hop tracks–not just the orchestral […]

  2. […] jazz guitar, etc.  When people made music with full bands.  Reminiscent to me of some awesome Arthur Verocai like his song […]

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