Green Magnet School: Ammonia Bath/ White People


Green Magnet School: one of the best 90s noise rock/indie/math metal/postpunk bands ever (sounds sort of like Live Skull, Sonic Youth, bits of Bastro, Germbox, Drive Like Jehu sometimes). This 7″ could contain some of their best work. Blood Music has some of their other best work, and Illuminatus has some very good songs too. Vastly underrated. I like this Ammonia Bath/White People 7″ the best because it’s some of their most 80s postpunk/new wave sounding music, with their best balance of simple/complex, noisy and poppy…They had ties to Six Finger Satellite, who had some very good records too (the Pigeon is the Most Popular Bird was very ahead of the curve in terms of bringing back an 80s/new wave/no wave/disco/postpunk sound to indie music).

Green Magnet School was way ahead of the curve in incorporating prog rock/technical/Voivodian/King Crimson math metal guitar lines which later showed up in the likes of Don Caballero’s 2 and other indie/prog/math metal bands in the mid/late 90s. Both Green Magnet School and Six Finger Satellite have some awesome Chrome influences too.

Ammonia Bath (mp3)

White People (mp3)


2 Responses

  1. “Vastly underrated”… “Way ahead of the curve”… Aw, shucks, i’m blushing!

    Seriously, thanks for posting these, as it is a dickens of a time for me to rip stuff into a digital format off of vinyl. Thanks to you i’ve posted “Ammonia Bath” to the official GMS MySpace site. Now if you can get on top of converting the “Singed/Slipper” SubPop SoTM 7″ into mp3 format, that would be mint… : ) heh, jk…

    good on ya!


    Chris (x-GMS member)

  2. […] had another post about Green Magnet School here, looks like those mp3s are down for […]

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