New Country/Alt Country/No Depression with Camper Van Beethoven and the Replacements



Ahh, sometimes I need some relaxing music that isn’t new wave, post punk, frenetic rock, or even soulful jazz rock/funk/fusion. When I get sick of all the drama and the blips and bleeps and high-pitched guitar and funky drums and want something more relaxing (besides, say, classical music), nothing beats a bit of down-home American alt country/no depression/new country music like Camper Van Beethoven’s Key Lime Pie and the Replacements past their punk phase. Camper Van Beethoven by the way have a song called O Death, which is probably the inspiration for one of the “new country” bands Ben likes, O Death.

Camper Van Beethoven’s Key Lime Pie could be my favorite albums in the world besides Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain By Force, that 1970s Arthur Verocai album, and most of Joni Mitchell’s 1970s stuff. The songs, the musicianship, the recording quality, the lyrics, the whole tone of the album is just like nothing else ever made that I know of. It’s like country meets the Cure and the Smiths meets Dire Straits or something…and who isn’t a fan of the Sultans of Swing…plus with touches of the Eagle’s Hotel California and mid-70s classic rock-reggage ska or something. It’s sort of like an amalgam of all of those things, and it’s quite unique and excellent.

Camper Van Beethoven-When I Win the Lottery

Camper Van Beethoven-Flowers

Camper Van Beethoven-O Death

Camper Van Beethoven-All Her Favorite Fruit

Camper Van Beethoven-Seven Languages

(live mp3s courtesy of Dividing By Zero, they have this whole live show from 1989, check it out )

Replacements-Little Mascara

(mp3 courtesy of mfr. I would have chosen Alex Chilton, Can’t Hardly Wait, Achin’ to Be, I’ll Be You, or some other song, but I couldn’t find them anywhere on the web)


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