I’m lazy with music now, I just play the retroactive channel on digital cable

Yeah it has come to this.  Of all my 400 some odd CD’s, hundreds of records and various old tapes lying around in shoeboxes somewhere, I just listen to the Retroactive channel on digital cable.  You know if you have digital cable you get like 30 music channels.  Maybe it’s not as hip as satellite radio or internet or whatever but it’s pretty cool.  Like you can turn on the jazz channel when you have guests over to impress people and pretend to know who played bass for Dexter Gordon in the early 60’s.  Or there is the reggae channel for when I make Jamaican Jerk Chicken ( I can give you a recipe link – its pretty spicy).

Anyway channel 416 is the retroactive channel which sports all the songs that the Post Modern stations (ie Live105 in SF, KROQ in LA, 91X in San Diego) played in the 80’s to early 90’s.  So you get all the PIL, New Order, Joy Division, Cure, Bauhaus, Blondie & Joe Jackson you want.  So yeah it’s a different alternative to owning 24 Hour Party People on DVD.  One drawback is I’m noticing its on repeat so that kind of sucks, but what can you do.  Regardless my copy of Velvet Underground on vinyl is still in cellophane, sorry.


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