Jay Z, Arthur Verocai, Roc Boys/Roc Boyz, and American Gangster


Okay, so Jay Z’s new track Roc Boys/Roc Boyz, with its jazz/funk horns and drums sounds a bit like Arthur Verocai, Fela Kuti, and ska meets the soul sampling work of Just Blaze. The surprise is that it’s produced by Puff Daddy and the Hitmen, and was recorded using live horn players and other musicians (for the forthcoming Jay Z album American Gangster).

So, Just Blaze, the only logical response is for you to hook up with Arthur Verocai, who is putting out a new album, and make a whole batch of awesome live-musician based hip hop tracks–not just the orchestral instruments you’ve been using, but live horns, bass, drums, etc. In other words, just make some music with Arthur Verocai.


Jay Z: Roc Boys from American Gangster, produced by Puffy and the Hitmen (mp3 courtesy of Spine Magazine)

Arthur Verocai: Sylvia and Seriado available for listening at mog.com. These aren’t even the best songs on the album, by far…

Mp3 samples for all songs from Arthur Verocai’s 1972 album available at the Ubiquity Records site.

Arthur Verocai: Bis off his new album coming out this month! (mp3 courtesy of 33/45 blog)

Picture from Ear Fuzz post on Arthur Verocai



3 Responses

  1. I think if any Hip-Hop producer got a chance to work with Arthur Verocai it would be Madlib.

  2. Lyrical Genius… With this Album he shows that RAP can be at a different level… Listen to the Orchestra in the background and how he handles himself blow hip-hop and rap out of the water… that’s not just rapping on a mic but crossing boundaries that has never been cross before

  3. […] out the crazy horns at the beginning.  This would sound something like Jay-Z’s “Roc Boyz” is done properly.  Great guitar solo […]

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