Battle of the People Movers

The People Mover.

That kind of boring ride at Disneyland that was strangely cool between a ride on Star Tours and waiting for Captain EO.  Also a place to recouperate after blowing five bucks on Gauntlet at the arcade.  It was cheesy, it was slow, and it was awesome!  Anyway it has been gone for over ten years ever since they revamped Tomorrowland.  I don’t remember too much details but you did get to go through the world of Tron.  Nothing like experiencing the future with 1982 computer technology.  There were no lines and it was a great way to kill a half an hour.  Honestly I think the people on shrooms just spent all day riding that.  Besides it was safer than the skyride which my Mom instilled fear in us since one collapsed in St. Louis in 1978 killing three people.  That kinda sucks.

For the most part it was a nod to the future of non-man driven modes of transportation (i’m such a pseudo-intellectual for thinking up that one).  Mostly it is technology that you see in some airports throughout the country.  Like if you have to kill time during a layover in Dallas, you can ride their People Mover.

In the 1980’s Detroit came up with an idea for public transportation – yep the People Mover.  Miami built one also, but I never been there so that is neither here nor there.  Anyway a city built around the automobile (cause it’s like their industry and stuff) decided to make it its public transit system.  So an extensive project was built for people to move around a three mile loop of a dilapitated downtown area.  So yes you can get from Greektown to Joe Louis Arena without being hassled for spare change or a cigarette.  Also like the Chicago Loop El-Train, it is a great way to see a glimpse of a city for fifty cents (especially if you like to see some urban blight).  It is very efficient, however you still have to DRIVE to ride it.  All that it is really good for is to save a couple of bucks to park for a Red Wings game. 

In a city that is in economic turmoil it costs 15 million dollars to upkeep when it only receives 2 million in ridership.  Yes Detroit is on an upswing – for instance I did not feel threatened at all on the Riverwalk downtown on a Saturday night, but there has got to be a better way or not I don’t know. 

I really don’t know if this is a battle or not, maybe if Detroit would build a Space Mountain next to the Renaissance Center, then we’d have a fight.  At least it’s better than a skyride that killed three people in St. Louis in 1978.

P.S. Monorails Suck


3 Responses

  1. That Tron ride was awesome!!! Did they really get rid of it?

  2. Yeah and the rocket jets too

  3. OMG
    They changed Mr. Robinson’s Treehouse or whatever to like the Jungle Book Treehouse I think.
    Next, what, get rid of It’s a Small World?
    Do they still have the pinnochio ride?
    They had better not ever touch Mr Toad’s Wild Ride!!!

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