Black Moth Super Rainbow: The Best New Band Ever (Indie, Prog Or Whatever)–Kosmik Radio, Best Eclectic College Radio show–Shana Moulton, Best Video Artist!


Black Moth Super Radio:

Like vintage analog King Crimson, Yes, Stereolab, emphasizing the funky jazz fusion drumming and with vocoder-y vocals somewhat like some Daft Punk/Six Finger Satellite.

Check out one of their songs on this awesome Kosmik Radiation radio show mix.
Kosmik Radiation is a great radio show out of Madison, Wisconsin (which along with places like Providence, Rhode Island seems to be surpassing the old vanguards of bohemian culture such as Ann Arbor, Portland, Seattle, and Berkeley in terms of obscure hip hippie/crunchy/earthy posssibly vegan/vegetarian/arty art-school hipness, maybe in part due to cost of living as a result of less invasion of tech industry money)…The DJ throws stuff like Black Moth Super Radio, Van Der Graff Generator, Pink Floyd, and Vermonster into the mix. Amazing new bands like BMSR, Qui, Fiery Furnaces, Old Time Relijun, and Maps and Atlases. Just the way I like it!

Black Moth Super Rainbow should definitely do a video with the inimitable Shana Moulton! Her videos are an amazing mix of performance art, psychadelic/new age visualization, and awesome videotoaster virtuosity. The effect may be not unlike being trapped in a wonderful dayglo Trapper Keeper landscape or swimming in a cup someone poured Magic Growing Crystals into. I don’t even remember what that stuff was called…

Bonus Video: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. It’s amazing that this is currrent music…


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