I’d rather go to work than go to Bonnaroo

I have absolutely no desire to go to  Bonnaroo.  I just can’t be a hippie whatsoever.  I’m sorry If I like to bathe and that I don’t really dig VW buses.  I do like that one kinda disco song by Grateful Dead, but that’s about it.  OK I do have Ummagumma from Pink Floyd but that’s different.  I didn’t know what the f&^% patchouli oil was until about two years ago.  I am sick of hearing about how awesome flippin Woodstock was.  Eat your brown acid and leave me alone…………………….well okay don’t eat the brown acid, sorry I don’t really want to be hatin’, I’ll just politely opt out of your drum circle, thanks. 

Honestly I’d jump at the chance to play at Bonnaroo…….(but that’s different)


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  1. Shakedown Street!

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