Major Stars and Dark Fog–best bands ever!


Major Stars and Magic Hour have been two of my favorite bands since like forever. Best guitar solos ever, I mean it. Imagine Mahavishnu Orchestra, John McLaughlin, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, mixed with Sonic Youth, Brian Eno, Nice Strong Arm, Polvo, Dinosaur Jr., Swervedriver, Fucking Champs. The best of gentle psych rock mixed with fierce rock. Much of their music to me sounds like the guitar playing of Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation mixed with the solos of the best John McLaughlin, like on the Devotion album title track (this description also fits Nice Strong Arm’s Reality Bath), mixed with the gentle singing of Brian Eno’s first few albums–for instance, hunt down their awesome track “Strange Reaction.”

The Fader: “Major Stars are the best rock band in the world.”

I couldn’t get this Major Stars live show set on WFMU to work earlier, I’m going to try again later..Their new album Mirror/Messenger is out now on Drag City!

See them on limited tour now!

I’m about to see them with Dark Fog in Chicago. Dark Fog is also great! Check out this awesome song Tomorrow. Get yr freak on!

*Update–just saw them the other day–the best rock show I have ever seen! Fantastic! Rock and roll incarnate! Wish I got to buy Kate breakfast (part of a mid-set request) ! Bought a t-shirt and their new CD, which is also totally fantastic. I don’t have Synoptikon yet, which also had the new female rock singer Sandra. It takes a few minutes or hours or days to get used to the new rock singing, without Wayne’s gentle psychadelic-type singing, but it’s all awesome! Good job guys/girls! After seeing them, I had a dream about some old New England friends of mine, such was the pleasant Cambridge vibe of the Major Stars. The new album by the way was engineered by Tim Shea, ex- of the amazing Green Magnet School by the way! More proof that rock and roll will never die. Visit their record store Twisted Village if you’re ever in Cambridge.

I first heard Magic Hour (precursor to Major Stars) when I was buying a Swervedriver CD at Penny Lane in Westwood, CA in the early 90’s, and a record clerk there was like, if you like Swervedriver, you’ll love this band…it was the No Excess is Absurd little grey CD box package. Thanks Mr. Record Store Clerk, that was one of the best recommendations ever!


I just have to say though, I’d like to see more of Wayne’s blissed-out psych/Brian Eno vocals ala Magic Hour in Major Stars.  The lady singer is good, but let’s have her play tambourine and percussion on some of the songs to let Wayne sing some.   More psych/folk and less hard rock on the next few Major Stars albums?  That would be a nice change up since there are tons of bands doing hard rock and a lot less doing the Magic Hour psych/Sonic Youth/John McLaughlin’s Devotion kind of thing.

Great photos from UnderExposed


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