Kid Nation’s Sophia Stands Up For Libraries/Librarians Everywhere


Sophia does the ALA/SLA etc proud on tonight’s Kid Nation…the town chooses an arcade over a library as their reward, and while everyone is zoned out on video games in the arcade, Sophia buys up the town’s books and opens a town public library…I’m sure this one might make the librarian blog rounds in the next few days!


5 Responses

  1. Sophia of substance… Excellent!

  2. Watching this show, I am trying to remember what I was like when I was 14. Her priorities are so different from her peers, and I like that. She’s an intelligent kid.

  3. If a library were such a drastic need, I wonder why she waited till the last week to “open” one? As revealed on other websites (“Television Without Pity” especially), the producers guided a lot of the action, and much of what was done was done on their instructions. (Especially when money was involved…Sophia herself admits…in an interview on the above-mentioned TWOP website…that the producers gave money to the kids to do certain things with.)
    Personally, I think it was just Sophia trying to play to the camera again, setting herself up as somehow “above” the other kids.
    Heck of a shame. I wanted to like Sophia, but she just wouldn’t let me. Whenever the producers wanted her to play their little “quirky bitch” for them, she just kissed their butts and did it.

  4. I loved it Sophia nice girl & has a wonderful personality

  5. hi, sophia
    i love you so much

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