Current Favorite Album: Stereolab Dots and Loops


Stereolab-Dots and Loops. Kind of way ahead of its time, in spite of, or by virtue of, its retro-ness. Great, eclectic stuff. Lots and lots and lots of library music influences here, lots of nice bass, drums, guitar, singing, analog synths, etc. Kind of similar to what Black Moth Super Rainbow is doing. Very cinematic, loungy, psychadelic, retro, moog-filled, semi-fusiony elevator-music soul. They must listen to a lot of Mort Garson, Brian Bennet, Mike Vickers, KPM stuff, etc. Sounds hugely influenced by the first (and best) Flying Lizards album (Fourth Wall is also pretty good.) Would love to see them play live.

Check out this track: Raymond Lefevre: Sophie Et Didier as well as the Francis Lai similar artists channel for a lot of sountrack/library music that Stereolab sort of sounds like.


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