Definition/Word-Use Only and Story Scrabble


I like to think of word definitions, words in context, roots and semantic meanings. It’s like how pro chess players, when faced with a board that’s not a real game/out of context, have no more meaningful of a response than a chess novice; when I look at a scrabble board, when I play scrabble I feel like I’m in a dismembered word morgue.

Does anyone out there know of people who play scrabble, where whenever you want to use a word, you have to be able to use the word in a sentence that demonstrates that you know the meaning of a word? And then another type, where not only do you have to be able to use the word in a sentence, but each sentence by each player has to related to the sentence used by the previous player?

I think such types of scrabble should be played if they aren’t already. I always am slightly unsatisfied with scrabble playing when a lot of it is based on memorizing certain esoteric words from scrabble dictionaries, when the players might not even know the definition/how to use the word in a sentence.

**Update: I like the game Bananagrams now as a faster-paced, less trick-memorization-oriented alternative to Scrabble**


One Response

  1. I’m with you! I ONLY play with people who are willing to play where you ave to know the meaning of the word. Otherwise people just make stuff up!

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