Original Emo


Yah boy! O.E… original emo!
Before emo meant what it does now it was really just underground postpunk, not whiny teenage mall music–kind of a mix between Joy Division and Black Flag.

I’ll have to dig up Moss Icon’s Kick the Can, Divinity Cove, or Cricketty Rise…here’s “As Afterwards the Words Still” (an acoustic song but still rockin’). Reminds me of the mighty Dark and Spike in Vain from the 80s…maybe some Honor Role…. Takes me back to a time of bands like Drive Like Jehu, Unwound, and tiny bands like Mohinder, Shroom Union…when people still listened to stuff like the Descendants and Christian Death’s Only Theatre of Pain!

I’m trying to find the picture of this emo kid with the caption “Emo is like goth…but for p**sies” That’s pretty mean…emo-kid.jpg



Of course I’m a huge Drive Like Jehu/Pitchfork/Hot Snakes fan…here’s a new track from Speedo/John Reis of the above mentioned bands plus Rocket from the Crypt and Back off Cupids

New Speedo Track “Can’t Sleep” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Update* Interestingly, the Deftones have just covered Drive Like Jehu’s Caress! The cover is actually not bad!


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