Ghostland Observatory, Austin City Limits, PBS, Charlie Hunter Trio

Ghostland Observatory – Sad Sad City

Just saw Ghostland Observatory on Austin City Limits…nice stuff! Rave on!

The singer has great moves, in this performance he rocks a great thrift store psychadelic shirt/robe, awesome pigtails, and great delivery, sort of like a punk rock electroclash Nick Cave or Elvis.  With great androgynous dance moves something like a mix between Axl Rose snake wiggle and what I imagine Nick Cave might have danced like while performing with the Birthday Party–perhaps mixed with a sprig of Britney Spears .  The main music producer wears an awesome cape, heralding the likes of Rick Wakeman or Brian Eno and the prog rock excesses of the 70s.

Musically, it’s a nice mixture of Daft Punk club electronics with Sonic Youth/Hot Snakes indie sensibilities occasional guitar playing.  An often engrossing racket from just two guys with a drum machine, keyboard rack, microphone, pigtails, and the occasional guitar.  That they’re from Austin seems to make perfect sense–I’ve always heard that Austin is a super creative town.  Slacker was born there, Andrew Bujalski of Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation lives there now perhaps drawn by the creative climit, Austin City Limits has engaging, interest music performances, South by Southwest draws interesting bands, etc.  It’s the of the overlooked Nice Strong Arm, which predated the likes of Polvo and Modest Mouse by about seven years with it’s Reality Bath record, which 95% of Polvo, Modest Mouse, and some Magic Hour sounds like.

By the way, PBS, public broadcasting, rules…this is what MTV kind of was supposed to be for? It’s funny when I can see better music videos on PBS. Now they’re playing some awesome jazz band from the Rochester International Jazz Festival…

Ah, it’s the Charlie Hunter Trio!

Charlie Hunter Trio – Green Chimneys


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