World History Timeline Posters


I’m really interested in these world history timeline posters. There seem to be several out in the marketplace, the one pictured above is published by Oxford Cartographers and you can buy it from Schofield & Sims. There are more ambitious ones that such as the “World History Timeline” poster published by “Scientific Timeline Productions” which proclaims to be a timeline of “evolution, culture, and knowledge,” it looks pretty cool! Wish I had one as a kid! I’ll have to figure out which one(s) to get…


More! Here’s a “World History Chart” by Andreas Nothiger….large_chart1

Also very great, illustrative and compact is this Word History Minipedia by Parragon Press, the 2005 version…



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  1. Do you own any of these? Do you have a preference? I am looking for one that is interdisciplinary (philosophy, inventions, politics, wars)

    • I’m looking for the same thing – any new discoveries ? 😉 S*

    • Hi! I just got the Schofield & Sims poster, it’s pretty small (53cm x 77cm) and covers “the rise and fall” of great empires. Pretty cool. I really want the “World History Timeline Chart” by
      Tom Schoepen (195 cmx134 cm or 78″x53″) ( which is a “Historical overview of Literature, Philosophy, Science, Technology, World religion, Music and basic political milestones” It seems like they will compliment each other well as one is more about political entities and the other is about cultural and scientific developments…


  2. I like “The Wallchart of World History” by Edward Hull, but the new Belgian project seems to be the best yet.

  3. Do you know where I could purchase that poster above?

  4. Hi, the poster above is by Schofield & Sims and is available at their website here:

  5. Yeah I like the article but I’m still not sure how to get my squat up

  6. Please note and amend you website accordingly.
    Oxford cartographers were responsible for the design
    of the World History Timeline poster. Schofield & Sims
    are the publishers , copyright holders and distributors.

    Nick Platts
    Schofield & Sims

  7. Any updates regarding the “Scientific Timeline Productions” poster?
    I added my name to an updates list on their own website ages ago, but nothing. It looks ready to go, any idea what’s going on?

  8. Hi, I’m also trying to find a website for the “Scientific Timelines” poster, ie the “World History Timeline” (the picture above of the giant chart and the man crouching in front of it.)
    Any idea where to find their website? (Joel mentioned one above but i ca’n’t find it). It looks like a massive project, possibly it’s too large and expensive to print for online retail?
    I just ordered a Schofield & Sims poster, it’s not too expensive and looks like a great overview to civilisations and world history and a very large scale. I like seeing the big picture, but I’m new to these types of charts, can’t wait to receive it in the mail.

  9. Hi, thanks Joel.

    By the way,
    I just found a facebook page about the history timeline project:

    (it’s in Dutch)
    Conveniently, my flatmate is Dutch, and gave me an idea of what it says. It’s an interview that discusses the concept of “knowing everything” which is no longer possible- or thought to be possible- in our time.

    The creater of the map is Tom Shoepen
    This is his website.

    He’s also on facebook- on his profile page he describes the map project as one that was “completed in 2001”- but “publishing it” is on his list of future projects.

    I’m going to contact him for some more details on the map and whether it’s possible to purchase it.

    • Hey Lou, can you convince Tom to make another facebook page entirely in English. Also, see if there’s any updates as of now. Thanks!

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