The Who–Eminence Front, The Cure–Lullaby

Check out this awesome video…shot in glorious 1982…the best classic rock/funk/soul/disco song ever made? Maybe a little better even than the Rolling Stone’s Miss You or Rod Stewart’s If You Think I’m Sexy–more jazzy, better Rhodes keyboards, more downbeat. There should be a Yacht Rock type video/movie just about this song…

Check out the synths first of all. It’s totally like out of some Daft Punk, Italo, Orb, Aphex Twin, song. Then the bass, drums, etc. The beginning could make a pretty good hip hop sample. Then check out Townsend’s guitar soloing–totally 80s–and kind of experimental too! I didn’t know he could sample like that. Amazing.

The Cure’s Lullaby is similar to this song in parts, especially the main bass notes and the pacing of the drums…


One Response

  1. With you on Eminence Front. I don’t know where I heard this before, but that synth must have been sampled somewhere. Very Tangerine Dream, which is also very Global Communication in many ways. WXRT here in Chicago just played it as I was sitting down for a meal and I had to run to their website to discover what the track was. I immediately visited iTunes and bought it.

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