DJ Dub and Saigon – The Medicine


Not much exciting in hip hop right now, while the music industry is dying–but this Saigon mixtape is actually really nice. I never got around to listening to too much of his stuff before, but this mixtape brings together a great mix of songs, showcasing Saigon’s lyrical skills and a great beat selection (Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Scram Jones, etc). The whole thing clocks in at around 70 mins!

Hopefully his to-be-released album, produced mostly by Just Blaze (whose blog themegatrondon has seemingly disappeared) will come out sometime soon–it’s approaching Detox ETA status at this point.

The whole 70s minutes is quite listenable and way better than most hip hop I’ve heard in the last few years. Saigon has made some weighty claims of his new album being better than Illmatic or something–this mixtape actually does evoke some of those feelings of listening to some old Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt era-stuff. Listening to this mixtape, it feels like these songs could be wafting out at you from some car passing by in New York City around 1994 or so.

mp3s: DJ Dub and Saigon – The Medicine


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