Jawbox–Dreamless-Best 90s Dischord Song Ever!


This is one of the best punk/indie/postpunk/emo/shoegaze songs EVER! Jawbox–Dreamless (mp3) Unfortunately, I was not such a big fan of their other work.

This is from a time when great bands like Drive Like Jehu, Swervedriver, Pitchfork, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine ruled the college radio airwaves. Ah, what a time! I’ve had some luck listening to this kind of stuff by listening to the “Hot Snakes” similar artist channel on last.fm. For example, it’ll play Big Black followed by Mission of Burma, etc. It introduced me to some stuff that I’d heard about but never actually heard, like Les Savy Fav. What a great thing–you can basically make your own college radio station! For big band music, I’m having a great time listening to the “Woody Herman” similar artists channel which plays stuff like Woody Herman, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, etc.

Some other songs that sound sort of like this Jawbreaker song are Foo Fighters – My Hero and Afghan Whigs – Conjure Me well, sort of, but you get the idea.


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