Drive Like Jehu – O’ Pencil Sharp video, 1992, and photos

The legendary Drive Like Jehu, playing O’ Pencil Sharp, Al’s Bar, 1992.

Rick and John of course were in Pitchfork, John was in Rocket from the Crypt and had a solo project Back off Cupids, and then they were both in the Hot Snakes.

Note the Romulan/mod wig Rick’s wearing (he takes it off partway through the video)–remember when all the tight-pants wearing scene kids had the mod hairdos, stopped listening to Unwound and playing hardcore-postpunk and only listened to the Rolling Stones?

John Reis’s new band, the Night Marchers.

Rick Froberg’s new band, the Obits.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Rocket from the Crypt lately. I used to think they were a bit goofy, preferring the hardcore Jehu/Pitchfork type stuff, but in retrospect, listening to their whole oeuvure, they’re quite awesome. Lots of great stuff on all the All Systems go compilations, and of course Circa Now is a classic. I actually really like Paint as a Fragrance too. Kind of like a mix between the Pixies, Weezer, and, some sort of 50s sock hop and rockabilly stuff. Of course, they should have released Hot Charity and State of the Art is on Fire on CD back in the day–I remember never buying them when they were just on vinyl–they would have connected with way more fans by releasing them on CD back then. Hopefully they’ll have a reunion someday!

I remember one live show back in like 1991 or something, at a club, probably the Roxy in LA–Rick Froberg jumped on stage to sing his parts in Maybelline or Stinker, and some bouncer grabbed him by his shirt collar and kept trying to drag him off the stage, but Speedo finally got him to realize Rick was allowed to be on stage. Another time around then I saw Drive Like Jehu at some big Cargo records showcase or something, and for some reason Rick was just singing that time–no guitar. And Speedo had on this big firing range/target practice hearing protection headset. AWESOME.  Thats how loud that stuff was.

Here are some old Drive Like Jehu photos:




3 Responses

  1. Those photos are from the Middle East downstairs on the Yank Crime tour. I was standing about ten feet from the photographer. This remains the best rock show I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending…

  2. I posted a link to your wordpress blog on this facebook page for Drive Like Jehu fans.
    Thanks for posting these amazing pictures!

  3. “Ladies and gentleman….Drives Like Jehu”. LOL!

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