Night Marchers–Bad Blood

Night Marchers, Bad Blood video, live: John Reis/Speedo is officially the most awesome punk rock/underground musician guy in US history…Night Marchers coming on the tail of Hot Snakes, Rocket from the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Pitchfork, etc, is the icing on the cake. Can’t wait to see them play live/for their record to come out!!!

Night Marchers: You’ve Got Nerve

Night Marchers: Dead Sleep

Night Marchers: I Wanna Deadbeat You


2 Responses

  1. They are VERY good!

  2. Those videos are rad. The Night Marchers are a perfect mix of everything that John Reis has done before. I live in San Diego and regrettably was out of town the weekend that they played these shows. Glad that someone else was there to get this on film!!! I will NOT miss the next Night Marchers show.

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