Long Thaw: Awesome Rock Spawn of Boyjazz, Stay Gold Pony Boy, Caza Zimbabwe/CZ

Long Thaw rules!!! Here’s their Myspace page. Heavy metal, post-punk, prog rock, indie spawn of Boyjazz, Stay Gold Pony Boy, the Casa Zimbabwe/CZ Berkeley co-op rock dynasty. That’s an awesome see-through guitar Andre!!! Great songs!!!

Lot’s of awesome riffs and twists and turns in Long Thaw’s music…very creative music, like the song European Ambulance! Here’s a review in the San Francisco Bay Guardian: Long Thaw: Feels Like the First Time.

Tour? Other music by Andre: Generalissimo.

This makes up for the fact that I never got a video tape of that High Speed Dubbin show at CZ (anyone)?

The High Speed Dubbin that was supposed to have an album on St. Kilda records and had a Hawaiian drummer and were from Santa Cruz…and sounded like a mix between like King Crimson, Slayer, and Trenchmouth or something!


One Response

  1. Andre Rocks!!!! I remember High Speed Dubbin, that was an awesome drummer! I remember they played Free Will by Rush note for note.

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