–Maybe Total Recall (the movie) copied Bourne Identity (novel from 1980)–though Total Recall is based on an old Philip K Dick story from 1966, “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”, I’ve never read either, so don’t know…

–In both movies the normal man main character has HAD THEIR MEMORY ERASED by the conspiratorial, shady, politically powerful bad buys.

–In both movies a normal man/Joe Shmoe gets in a bind, suddenly is attacked, finds out he inexplicably is a martial arts expert, deadly with his hands and weapons, has unknown secret agent powers.

— In both movies the main character has to retrieve mysterious items from a safety deposit box–and in both movies they receive secret packages with awesome weapons and spy tools.

–In both movies the main bad guys are conspiratorial political figures–Cohaagen in Total Recall and the head of Treadstone in Bourne Identity.

–More later…



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  1. Sharon Stone was hot in Total Recall

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