Gutter Twins–Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers, Greg Dulli, Mark Lanegan\

They’re on tour! The Gutter Twins–just bought their new album! Awesome!! Afghan Whigs meets Screaming Trees with touches of the Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Red House Painters, Twilight Singers, etc!!! To me, on par with the classic Afghan Whigs album Gentlemen–one of the best albums of the 90s! Or ever. Well, I just found out that many of the Twilight Singers’ albums are as good as Gentlemen! Wow, how did I overlook that fact!!!

Afghan Whigs–Debonair (live at Rockapalast)

As good as anything by Cure off of Disentegration/Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me? Parts remind me of Camper Van Beethoven’s amazing Key Lime Pie record.
Had that jangly 80s disco Josef K chord sound before Franz Ferdinand jacked it from Josef K and the epic soundtrack cello sound before Goo Goo Dolls borrowed it for that soundtrack song that made them famous? The Twilight Singers similar artists channel on is pretty entertaining.
A Polvo, Swervedriver, Afghan Whigs show would have been pretty epic–I now look forward highly to seeing the Gutter Twins and Twilight Singers.

Afghan Whigs-Debonair (Live at Reading)

Afghan Whigs-Gentleman (Live at Reading)

Twilight Singers on Jimmy Kimmel

This is a great song, Brace Your Face by a band Aloha that showed up on the Twilight Singers’ similar artists channel

similar artists station.


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