The Wire Finale

*spoiler alert!!!*

Great as usual. The finale did not disappoint…

Michael the new Omar, Duquie the new Bubbs, Sydnor the new Freeman, Herc the new Levy, Marlo the new Stringer Bell, Carver the new Daniels…like a Greek tragedy or something!

The Wire as a whole is like a new type of television show…as people have mentioned, Baltimore the city is the main character. The authors tried to represent major institutions per season– police, labor, politics, schools and the media–and the structure of city life–it’s like the Sims. Sort of like the Sims Grand Theft Auto III had a revolutionary take on gameplay, sort of all-encompassing, that’s sort of like what the Wire has been to TV.

Unparalleled `Wire’ to Conclude Sunday By JAKE COYLE, AP Entertainment Writer


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