I’m a huge fan of Voivod, and the Fucking Champs, and Don Caballero…but none of them match this guitar work (Last Crack – Blood Brothers)!!! The highest pinnacle of complicated technical metal ever. Last Crack 4-Eva!!! There are some great tunes on both Last Crack albums…way underrated!!!

People, more pick squeals please!!!

Also, see and hear the amazing Last Crack – Burning Time album here!!!

I’ll post links to Wicked Sandbox, Precious Human Stress and Love Craig soon…I’m convinced they are parallel universe-ly related to Drive Like Jehu’s Caress and Sinews (riffs mirror those from Wicked Sandbox and Precious Human Stress) and Luau (riffs mirror those of Love Craig), must be some parallel-universe musical coincidence that makes sense only to me…although I WAS RIGHT ABOUT SLINT’S SPIDERLAND AND VOIVOD NOTHINGFACE (see Dave Pajo playing with Slint live, wearing a Voivod shirt below)



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