Bill Moyers Journal on Government Oversight

PBS rules!!! Thank you for your journalism, Bill Moyers.

Bill Moyers Journal on Government Oversight

Bill Moyers Journal, Rick Karr on Government Secrecy

Fictional conversation about a real-life topic:

“Hey, you know how, like, our bosses at work have the right to monitor our e-mail to make sure we aren’t stealing company secrets, giving sweetheart deals without competitive bids, and all around screwing up and around on the job? Well, how about if we do all of our business e-mail not on our work e-mail systems, but on some other e-mail system…then they can’t get to the e-mails, they won’t have access to the servers!” “Hey, sounds great! Well, let’s do all of our government e-mail through accounts on the Republican National Party e-mail servers, instead of normal federal government e-mail accounts, that way we can keep e-mails regarding official government business out of the hands of anyone who might want to review what we’re doing! Because, you know, the government doesn’t need any oversight or checks and balances, right?”


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