Dustin Nguyen – Comic Book Artist


Now, I haven’t read any comics in a long time–I really just liked stuff like Batman the Dark Knight, Alan Moore’s Miracleman, Watchmen, V for Vendetta–the sort of canonical, literary graphic novel stuff by Alan Moore and Frank Miller back in the 1980s. Oh, and Akira and Naussicaa,–especially because of the fantastically elaborate and/or stylized art.

I came across these examples of comic book art by Dustin Nguyen recently–it looks pretty good!  Check out some of his comic book covers and other art. It doesn’t conform to this weird 90s-2000s comic book art style that I was disappointed with when the Alan Moore artists adopted it for many of his America’s Best Comics titles…that would have been great if they could with the more avante garde styles of V for Vendetta, Miracleman art if possible!


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