High Speed Dubbin–Prog Metal from Santa Rosa, CA

high-speed-dubbin-flier-small-small.jpgHere it is, I found this flier of the band High Speed Dubbin. Here’s the text:

“Averaging 21 years old in age, this Santa Rosa quintet’s hyper metal alternative rock are sonic assaults heavily influenced by the splendor of the cannabis revolution.

Their influences vary and cover bands like King Crimson, Rush, Bad Brains, Tool, and Primus. Chris Justin plays a five string lefty bass, Matt Hardwick, half Hawaiian and half Mascalero Apache, plays drums, Eric Carlson is the musical guitar prodigy and Eric Rosenbaum, a body piercer and tattooist, leads the attack with his throaty vocals. Their full length debut album is due for release in July with the band doing promotional touring in May and June, so watch for their show dates in your local paper. Look for their songs on the soon to be released St. Kilda compilation, Patron Saint of Pariahs.

1996 St. Kilda Records”

Looks like a Rob Hazelton exeutive produced the compilation, which didn’t have any High Speed Dubbin songs.
Okay, if you were in the band or are someone who knows anyone from the band, please leave a comment/e-mail me! I saw a great show they played at a co-op, Casa Zimbabwe, and heard a tape of a King Crimson cover they did, it was all very good!

Here’s a larger copy to preserve for posterity:



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  1. Hi there! My name is Chris Justin and I was the five string lefty bass player in HSD. I would love to send you an email and connect with you to talk about those days. I haven’t seen any of those guys in about 20 years. I miss them all! Maybe you know something about where they are now? Anyway, feel free to email me. Thanks for posting this! It’s almost like it never happened!

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