Apple iPods and User-unfriendliness


I strongly dislike the fact that Apple allows people to upload songs only through iTunes. What sort of strange and backwards non-user friendliness is this?

It took 15 minutes to installl iTunes on my Windows computer.

On an iPod Shuffle you can only add songs from…one computer???

So not only do I have to use iTunes on a shuffle I have to use the same computer and only that one computer (or have to erase everything on the iPod and start over again).

And then…iTunes doesn’t have built in capabilities to monitor folders for new tunes to add to the library???


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iTunes (for PC): “The most garbage bulky piece of software”


One Response

  1. This is done for copyright purposes. They don’t want you to upload your library to your ipod, than go to your friends computer and dump all your songs from your ipod to his computer for him to use.
    They only want you to be able to listen to your library.

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